Extraordinary Abundance of Hot Springs


Kawayu-onsen hot springs

Kawayu-onsen hot springs are well-known as sulfur springs. Having a composition that is said to resemble that of Kusatsu, which is one of the best three in Japan, Kawayu-onsen is highly evaluated as a representative hot spring resort in Hokkaido by hot spring experts in Japan.

Akanko-onsen hot springs

The abundance of hot water is the greatest feature of Akanko-onsen hot springs with 12 spring wells in its surroundings. In addition to various onsen accommodation facilities available, you can also enjoy a ""hand bath"" and ""foot bath"" for free when you take a walk around the area.

Open-air bath

Immersing your body in the continuous flow of hot spring water bubbling up from underneath while enjoying the unique landscape which changes with the season. "Open-air baths" may be the ultimate ideal form of Japanese hot spring culture.

Kushiro Area Offers a Wide Variety of Hot Springs

In addition to Kawayu-onsen and Akanko-onsen hot springs, there are other hot springs of various compositions in the area. "Onsen-meguri", or making a tour of various hot springs with different compositions, is highly recommended.