Dynamic Lives of Organisms


Animals in the Sea

There are about 80 wild mammal species that inhabit Hokkaido, including the Kushiro Area.
About 30 of these species are marine animals, with the major ones being whales, seals and sea lions. Since it is globally rare for their breeding grounds to be near a human settlement in a developed country, infrastructures to observe these animals, such as whale-watching and dolphin-watching tours, are provided in the Kushiro Area as well.

Animals in Forests and Fields

On land, a diverse and rich fauna is present, ranging from small animals like Hokkaido red squirrels to medium-sized animals such as Sakhalin foxes, to large animals including yezo deer and brown bears.

Profusion of Wildflowers

Located in the transient zone between the temperate and subarctic zones, Hokkaido is endowed with a rich variety of plant species. Similarly, various kinds of flowers bloom from spring through summer in the Kushiro Area, turning its high mountains, wetlands and the coast into flower fields. In particular, "primeval flower gardens" where a large number of wild flowers bloom and cover the coast and fields, such as the one in "Ayamegahara", display natural beauty unique to this area.

Beauty Created by Forests and Lakes

The forests in the Kushiro Area are mixed forests of coniferous and broad-leaved trees. While new green leaves in spring and colorful foliage in autumn are equally breathtaking, yezo spruce and Sakhalin fir trees covered with snow in winter and soft rime in midwinter also show unique beauty. In addition, "the marimo lake balls" are a type of green algae believed to inhabit only this area. Being unique to Lake Akan, they become perfectly spherical and are globally famous for their rarity and beauty.