Delicious Food to Remember Your Trip By


Washo Market, where all food in Kushiro is available

"Washo Market" has been loved by the local people for a long time. It is "the kitchen of Kushiro" where an array of fresh seafood and processed seafood delivered from wholesale markets line up.

Oyster from Akkeshi are filled with deliciousness.

One of the best brands of oysters is grown in the part of the ocean off Akkeshi where nutrients from forests and wetlands flow in. Akkeshi is a rare production region which can supply delicious and fresh oysters in any season.

Pacific saury off Kushiro, seasonal taste of Japan

Pacific saury is deeply loved by Japanese people. Pacific saury which moves southward between summer and early autumn to the part of the ocean off Kushiro, where the cold and warm currents collide, has a large body size and plenty of fat, making it delicious. We deliver the seasonal taste to dining tables in Japan before anyone else.

Major Dairy and Livestock Farmland

"Having stretches of vast pasture, the Kushiro Area is a major hub of dairy farming and stock farming. Each of the produce is acclaimed to be delicious, from dairy products such as milk, cheese and ice cream to livestock produce which includes beef, mutton and venison. "