One of the World's Best Bird-Watching Locations


Ural Owls

Ural owls, which breed in forests with large trees, inhabit the Kushiro Area year-round. As well, Blakiston's fish owls, whose conservation activities are carried out in this area, are one of the largest species of owl in the world and considered endangered.

Steller's Sea Eagles

Steller's sea eagles are large eagles with a wingspan of around 2 meters. Many of the eagles can be seen by the coast and lakes in winter along with white-tailed eagles.

Black Woodpeckers

Black woodpeckers are among the largest woodpeckers in Japan. They are characterized by their entirely black body and red crown. The drumming sound they make by hammering on dead branches to claim territory echoes far.

Red-crowned Cranes

Red-crowned cranes, which are called "sarurun kamui (god of the marshes)" in the Ainu language, are designated as a Special Natural Monument of Japan. Most of them nest and breed in the Kushiro Area.