Restaurants we recomend(We cope with foreign languages in this ship.)

"Katte-don" at Kushiro's kitchen, Washo Market

Enjoy "katte-don" in which rice is topped with fresh seafood of your choice at Washo Market, one of the top three markets in Hokkaido. Savor salmon roe, sea urchin, salmon, surf clams and other delicacies of the sea in Kushiro.

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Kushiro specialty
Izumiya's "Spa-katsu"

A unique food culture and a variety of soul food can be enjoyed in Kushiro. Among them, "Spa-katsu" is a popular dish representative of Kushiro, loved by children to adults alike.

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Akkeshi Gourmet Terminal
Conchiglie's oysters

The representative delicacy of Kushiro's neighboring town of Akkeshi is its oysters, which can be savored throughout the year. The oysters, nurtured on the abundant nutrition and plankton from the wetlands that gathers in Akkeshi Bay, are characteristically large with a rich taste and hint of sweetness.

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Recommended restaurants and eateries in each area(Establishments where foreign languages are spoken)