About the four seasons

About the four seasons



The season of new beginnings emerges with breaths of life. The season of spring that everyone longs for is always filled with radiance.

The surface of Lake Akan starts to shine in spring, after being sealed by thick ice during winter. In the surrounding forests and waterfront, the pulses of organisms that declare the beginning of the season also start to spread at once, as if they had been waiting for the moment.

Events in Spring

Once butterbur sprouts spring out from underneath the deep piles of snow in the forests, spring flowers start to bloom one after another to mark the arrival of the season in Hokkaido.

・Opening of Lake Akan (Akan Town, Kushiro City)
・Iomante Fire Festival (Akan Town, Kushiro City)
・Akkeshi Cherry Blossom & Oyster Festival (Akkeshi Town)
・Kushiro Tulip and Flower Fair (Kushiro City)

・Kushiro Town Cherry Blossom Festival (Kushiro Town)
・Hamanaka Cherry Blossom Festival (Hamanaka Town)
・Port in Shiranuka Big Catch Festival (Shiranuka Town)
・Akkeshi Ayame Festival (Akkeshi Town)



Summer is the dynamic season in which the depth of bright green leaves increases by the day. The short summer in the Kushiro Area is enjoyed energetically by both humans and nature. Summer in Kushiro Marsh. The waterfront is always comfortable, with shining sunlight and fresh breeze. Active and dynamic lives of organisms flourish everywhere, including forests, lakes, rivers and the ocean. It is as though they are trying to acquire as much power as possible from the short-lived summer.

Events in Summer

Especially because summer is short, people strongly aspire to fully enjoy the season. With appreciation of being in the rich nature, many events of various fields are held in and energizing each region of the Kushiro Area.

・Akkeshi Port Festival (Akkeshi Town)
・Akkeshi Summer Festival (Akkeshi Town)
・Hamanaka Umaimon-ichiba (Hamanaka Town)
・Mashu-nosato Summer Festival (Teshikaga Town)
・Kushiro Fog Festival (Kushiro City)
・Yunomachi Kawayu Gensen Festival (Teshikaga Town)
・Tsurui Summer Festival (Tsurui Village)
・Akan Furusato Hororon Festival (Akan Town, Kushiro City)
・Kushiro Port Festival (Kushiro City)

・Summer Festa (Hamanaka Town)
・Onbetsu Shoko Festival (Onbetsu Town, Kushiro City)
・Lupin the Third Festival in Hamanaka Town (Hamanaka Town)
・Shibecha Summer Festival Rakuten-ichiba (Shibecha Town)
・Sen-sin Fireworks Festival (Kushiro City)
・Tsurui Village Furusato Lantern Festival Dance (Tsurui Village)
・Citizens of Kushiro Northern Sea Lantern Festival Dance (Kushiro City)
・Agricultural Festival (Teshikaga Town)
・Gotochi Brand Festival in Kushiro Town (Kushiro Town)



The ocean and land of the Kushiro Area become colored with the flame of life. The deep, affluent nature brings rich blessings to humans and other creatures.

The ultimate blessings delivered from the ocean enrich even the forests. The salmon, which return to the mother river and feed their home forest and organisms living there, have been important gifts from kamui (god) to the Kushiro Area since time immemorial.

Events in Autumn

The gratitude for the rich blessings from the land and ocean leads people to gather together throughout the ages. Autumn in the Kushiro Area is also filled with the feeling of appreciation for the nature.

・Kushiro Big Catch Donpaku (Kushiro City)
・Coming Paradise (Shiranuka Town)
・Kiritappu Cape Festival (Hamanaka Town)
・Iomante Fire Festival (Akan Town, Kushiro City)
・Tsurui Village Furusato Festival (Tsurui Village)

・Shibecha Sangyo Festival (Shibecha)
・Marimo (moss ball) Festival (Akan Town, Kushiro City)
・Koitoi-kan Festival (Shiranuka Town)
・Akkeshi Oyster Festival (Akkeshi Town)
・Konbu-mori Port Festival (Kushiro Town)



Even in this quiet season when white snow and ice cover the land entirely, strong pulses of life can be felt all around.

You can canoe down the headwaters section of the Kushiro River from the frozen Lake Kussharo in winter. White breath, beautiful soft rime and the sound of water flowing quietly and purely... These are the touching experiences that you can only have in this area during this season.

Events in Winter

Enjoy cold days! In recent years, events and experiential tours to fully enjoy the winter of the Kushiro Area are increasing in popularity. In addition to trekking tours with snow shoes which allow people to walk through deep snow easily and canoe tours limited to winter, there are also long-running annual events held on completely frozen lakes, including various activities and fireworks.

・Kushiro Bussan Festival (Kushiro City)
・Diamond Dust in KAWAYU (Teshikaga Town)
・Attaka Hatsuhinode (Hamanaka Town)
・Tsurui Village Crane Festival (Tsurui Village)
・Lake Akan Ice Festival "Fuyu-hanabi" (Akan Town, Kushiro City)

・Kushiro Winter Festival (Kushiro City)
・Kaki (oyster) de Goza-ru (Akkeshi Town)
・Nationwide Nagagutsu (rain boots) Ice Hockey Championship (Kushiro Town)
・Mashu Winter Festa (Teshikaga Town)