Shiranuka Town


Shiranuka Town

Shiranuka Town, "Town of Foods and Ingredients" With excellent fishing grounds where the cold and warm currents intersect, the town enjoys a wide variety of seafood throughout the year. It also has a wide variety of fruits of the earth thanks to the cold climate and surrounding rich forests and rivers. It is a treasure trove of wild edible plants, dairy products and livestock produce that fascinates even many chefs.

Mind-cleansing Koitoi Beach

On the beach of Shiranuka where a smooth sandy coastline spans over the panorama of the Pacific Ocean, wild flowers bloom in each season, which is beloved by the local people as easily-accessible primeval flower garden. It is popular among couples because of the name "Koitoi" (meaning ask about love), and it has also been chosen as the filming location for a few Japanese movies released in recent years.

Festivals Connecting People and Community

Having been a good fishing ground since the ancient days, many "festivals" are held in the town to pray for a big catch of fish and to show gratitude for the ocean.
Every year in late July, "portable shrines" are carried around the town to pray for abundant crop and maritime safety, covering the whole town with a festive atmosphere.
Traditional rituals and dances are also performed at Ainu festivals such as "Punpe (whale) Festival".

Tantaka, the Birthplace of Shiso (Japanese Basil) Shochu

"Tantakatan" is a shochu that has become popular nationwide. The shiso leaves used in this representative shochu of Hokkaido are grown in the Tantaka region of Shiranuka.
It all began when one of the shiso farmers in this area started putting shiso juice in shochu.

Cheese for Enthusiasts Created through Passion

"Shiranuka Rakukeisya" is a cheese company established by the owner who left a stable job to learn the manufacture of authentic cheese in Italy.
Made from fresh milk in Shiranuka with beautiful nature and strong passion, their cheese, from fresh-type to semi-hard and hard-ripened, is rich in flavor and impresses even those from Europe.

Shiranuka, Famous for Chestnut Octopus

The foreshore of Shiranuka is also one of the best fishing grounds in Hokkaido. While a wide variety of seafood is caught in Shiranuka and highly evaluated in the market, especially famous as a specialty of Shiranuka is "chestnut octopuses" that are caught using the traditional "no-feed longlining technique". The muscular, flavorful octopuses are truly exquisite.