Shibecha Town
Shibecha Town


Shibecha Town

About 45% of Kushiro Marsh lies in Shibecha Town. Sightseeing in Shibecha Town is fascinating in that you can enjoy the magnificence and rarity of the nature both visually and experientially. Various observation decks overlooking the magnificent view of wetlands and ranches as well as guided canoe tours into the deepest sections of wetlands are popular. It also has plenty of facilities on the nature and history of the town, such as the museum center and folk museum.

3 Wetland Observatory Decks

Near Toro Station which functions as the gateway to Lake Toro, there are three observatory decks: "Sarubo Observatory Deck", "Sarurun Observatory Deck" and "Kottaro Swamp Observatory Deck". Characteristic sceneries of Kushiroshitsugen National Park can be seen from each of these decks, making it easier to enjoy the charm of the wetland.

Lake Toro, Entrance to the Wetland

Kushiro Marsh includes low moors of 19,300 ha, which is equal to about 60% of all wetlands in Japan. Lake Toro, the so-called entrance to the wetland, is a big activity base with full-time canoe guides. Having a station and exhibition facilities in walking distance, the area around the lake is popular and convenient as a base for trekking.

Special Train that Travels through Wetland in Summer and Winter

For a limited time only, "Norokko Train", which is Japan's slowest train, is operated in summer, while "Shitsugen Go" (wetland train), the only steam train in Hokkaido, is operated in winter. Both of the trains have a unique design and enable the passengers to fully enjoy the beautiful scenery of Kushiro Marsh in each season. The trains are loved by not only the travelers but also many local people.

Tawadaira with Impressive 360-Degree Panoramas

Run by the Town of Shibecha, Tawa Ikusei Ranch is one of the largest ranches in Hokkaido and provides 360-degree panoramic views of the horizon. The dynamic landscape has fans nationwide, some of whom visit the ranch every season. The beauty of the landscape is also highly varied, including star-filled night skies, dramatic sunsets and sunrises from the horizon.

Places with Pristine Water Have Delicious Food

The springs originating from Lake Mashu, which is acclaimed to be one of the clearest lakes in the world, eventually forms the pristine Nishibetsu River with high water flow, which runs through Shibecha Town and into the Sea of Okhotsk. Dotted with other springs originating from Lake Mashu, Shibecha Town is blessed with delicious water. Beef, mutton and various other produce grown with the water enjoy the reputation of being delicious.