Kushiro Town
Kushiro Town


Kushiro Town

Neighboring Kushiro City, Kushiro Town has been developing as a bedroom town in recent years due to concentration of large-scale commercial facilities. However, it is also a town of rich nature where you can see the magnificent sceneries of Kushiro Marsh and rough coastline of the northern Pacific Ocean with a 30-minute drive from the city center. Their various and high-quality seafood enjoys the reputation of being delicious nationwide.

Iwabokki Water Gate, Reminiscent of the Developmental Foundation for Kushiro

The Kushiro River, the mother river which has been replenishing the wetlands with its beautiful meandering course, used to run through the urban area of Kushiro City and into Kushiro Port.
However, a large-scale river restoration project was conducted in 1931 due to repeated floods and the resulting movement of large amounts of soil into harbors. The project resulted in the significant development of Kushiro City and Kushiro Port. In "Iwabokki", Kushiro Town, the water gate for the restoration is preserved even today.

Hosooka Observatory Point, Best Spot in Kushiro Marsh

Also known as "Hosooka Daikanbo", the observatory deck overlooking Kushiro Marsh from the east provides large-scale views of the Kushiro River meandering dynamically in the front and beautiful mountains, Mt. Oakan and Mt. Meakan, in the far north. The observatory point is said to provide the widest view of Kushiro Marsh.

Popular Road with Hard-to-Read Area Names, and Reading Terminal Area with Superb View "Shirepa" is Equally Difficult

"The North Pacific Seaside Line" spans about 300 km along the coast of Eastern Hokkaido. The section between Kushiro City and Kushiro Town, which is about 40 km, is popular among domestic travelers who call it "the road with hard-to-read area names".
The road is dotted with 22 unique area names of which pronunciation is difficult due to the adoption of kanji (Chinese) characters for the Ainu place names. The terminal area of the road is "Shirepa Cape". As with the rest of the places, the name of this area with breathtaking views is also difficult to read.

Nagagutsu (rain boots) Ice Hockey, Fun Sport Invented in Kushiro Town

This sport was invented in Kushiro in 1978 in order to eliminate lack of exercise of its inhabitants during winter. Because of its ease and fun, the sport is loved by many and starting to spread nationwide. Since 2005, the nationwide championship match has been held annually.

Kelp Forest to which Oyashio Current Comes in the Most

In the region called "Kelp Forest" (konbuno mori) in Kushiro Town, most of the 40 km-long coast is used for harvesting kelp. As indicated by the area name, it is truly a good fishing ground just like a "kelp forest".
The ocean off the coast is said to be the region where the Oyashio Current comes in the most in Japan and enjoys an abundance of high-quality seafood throughout the year, including salmon, Pacific saury, cod, Okhotsk atka mackerel, rockfish, oysters, scallops, sea urchins and octopuses.