Hamanaka Town
Hamanaka Town


Hamanaka Town

Hamanaka Town enjoys magnificent and dynamic coastline, stretches of beautiful wetland and vast pasture. The milk obtained from cows grown on the grass of this town blessed with rich ocean and land is used as ingredients for the global brand "Häagen-Dazs ice cream" and a domestic dairy product manufacturer.

High-quality Milk Produced by Unique Environment of Hamanaka

Hamanaka Town often experiences thick fog in summer, and the temperature rarely exceeds 25℃. Although located on the coast, dairy farming is major in the internal regions, with the population of human inhabitants being 7000 and that of dairy cows being over 20000.
Many years of soil improvement as well as marine minerals delivered by fog have created safe and high-quality pastures, which support the production of high-quality milk used as ingredients for the famous brand products. 。

Magnificent Scenery of Rocky Cliffs

The Kiritappu Peninsula, in which cliffs of a few tens of meters stick out into the Pacific Ocean, is a beautiful table-shaped peninsula that has two great scenic locations called "Kiritappu Cape" on the eastern edge and "Azechi Cape" on the western edge.
With islands off the coast, abrupt cliffs, long coastline and beautiful colors of the ocean, the view of the sunset in summer is truly amazing.

Impressive Panoramas of Dairy Kingdom

"Rakuno Observatory Deck" is located on a hill by National Route 44 that connects Kushiro City and Nemuro City. The view of the pasture stretches out beautifully with cows slowly grazing grass. You can enjoy the entire panoramic view of the dairy kingdom "Hamanaka" from the deck.

Kiritappu Marsh, the Wetland of Flowers

Kiritappu Marsh is also called "the wetland of flowers" because it has more kinds and higher density of flowers compared to other wetlands.
Its primeval flower garden spans extensively and displays various types of flowers in bloom from spring to autumn. The white color of hare's-tail cottongrass that heralds the beginning of summer and the yellow color of daylilies that start blooming with the arrival of summer decorate the entire wetland.

Town of Lupin the Third

To the rich town of fishery and diary with beautiful sceneries, various seafood and high-quality milk and dairy products,
Town development using the characters from "Lupin the Third", a popular comic book series by Monkey Punch who is from Hamanaka, is attracting attention from the fans. There are various events and popular spots, including wrapped trains, a special museum and a street bearing the series' name.