Akkeshi Town
Akkeshi Town


Akkeshi Town

Akkeshi Town is one of the towns with the longest history in Eastern Hokkaido. Being a good natural port, Akkeshi Town has always enjoyed exceptionally high quality and abundance of seafood even compared to the rest of Hokkaido, and this has promoted active interchanges among people. It is a "must-visit" historical town with rich blessings surrounded by the beautiful ocean and land.

Oysters Grown by the Ocean, Forests and Wetlands are Always in Season

The natural port, "Akkeshi Gulf", is connected to a brackish lake called "Lake Akkeshi". Located inland beyond the lake is "Bekanbeushi Marsh" which provides rich nutrients to the surroundings. Throughout the year, large oysters with the highest evaluation are shipped from Akkeshi's best possible environment for growing delicious oysters.

Ocean Brand Akkeshi

Since as early as the Edo period, Akkeshi has prospered as the production region of delicious seafood. However, carefully selected specialty foods are starting to become popular recently. Pacific saury, toki-sake (salmon caught from spring to summer), hair crab, shishamo and Hokkai shrimp bearing the name "Akkashi-Daikoku Brand" are certified in size and flavor.

Bekanbeushi Marsh

Bekanbeushi Marsh which includes Lake Akkeshi is a low moor wetland registered under the Ramsar Convention and has the third largest area in Japan. In recent years, a high moor wetland was found in part of the marsh and is receiving great attention. With a canoe station and waterfowl observatory, it has an established reputation as a good activity spot.

Beautiful Coastline Colored by Flowers and Birds

The word "scenic" perfectly matches the dynamic coastline nicknamed "Fog Road of Capes and Flowers". One of the major scenic areas is "the primeval flower garden Ayamegahara". In addition to the cluster of over 300 thousand plants of Arctic iris, about 100 species of primeval plants can be observed from May to October.

History of Akkeshi, First Area Developed in Eastern Hokkaido, Started from the Ocean

Akkeshi was the first area developed in Eastern Hokkaido, with a seafood trading base established by early 1600s. Many cultural properties of the early days still remain today, including the ruins of "Kokutai-ji Temple" founded by the Edo shogunate in 1804 and "Sedentary Statue of Benzaiten of Benten Shrine" on Kaki Island still beloved by the townspeople.