Pristine Nature Preserved to Present Day

There is a large wetland which is not Japan-like in the Kushiro Area. Its name is Kushiro Marsh. As the wetland created through deposition of plants under cold climate posed a challenge for human development in the past, it still remains as one of the few places that show their pristine conditions. Rare animal and plant species including Special Natural Monuments inhabit the wetland. The majestic nature of adjacent Bekanbeushi Marsh and Kiritappu Marsh is also stunning.

Kushiro River, the Mother River

The Kushiro River is the main stream of the Kushiro River System which originates from Lake Kussharo and is joined by many tributaries before it empties into the Pacific Ocean. Kushiro Marsh, the largest wetland in Japan, stretches out on both banks of the lower reaches of the river, functioning as a cradle of life for various animal and plant species.

Wetland Exploration by Canoe

Canoeing is optimal for fully enjoying the attractive wetlands in the Kushiro Area where time flows slowly. People can see waterfowl at eye level and movement of fish in migration, feeling at one with the nature. Encounters with various creatures are also impressive.

Meeting the God of the Marshes

Being called "sarurun kamui (god of the marshes) in the Ainu language, red-crowned cranes are symbolic of all wetlands in the Kushiro Area where diverse animal and plant species inhabit. Their beautiful appearance never ceases to amaze people.

Beautiful World in Monotone

With lakes frozen and carex fields covered with snow, wetlands in winter are a world in monotone. Even in such an environment, various animals and birds strive to survive while longing for the return of spring.

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