Rich Ocean Where South and North Meet

The Oyashio Current from the north and Kuroshio Current from the south collide in the Pacific Ocean off Kushiro. Fog generated off the seashore replenishes Kushiro Marsh and covers Lake Mashu with a white veil. The coastline is also beautiful in each season, displaying two different terrains of rough rocky cliffs and long stretches of sandy beaches. The ocean not only created the nature of Kushiro but also has been providing rich blessings to the area since ancient times.

Cape with Rocky Cliffs

The scenery along "the North Pacific Seaside Line" is acclaimed to be magnificent. In particular, the view of the cliffs sticking out into the ocean is a sight to see. The landscape covered with flowers from early summer to autumn as well as the landscape in severe winter are equally impressive.

Sea Fog and Nature in Kushiro

Sea fog is generated in the regions where the Oyashio Current and Kuroshio Current collide. The nature and food in the Kushiro Area cannot be talked about without taking the effects of sea fog into consideration. The mystic fog which engulfs Lake Mashu in summer, which is far from the coast, is deeply connected to the ocean.

North Pacific Primeval Flower Gardens

Primeval flower gardens stretch along the coast of the Kushiro Area and display lovely wild flowers in bloom from early summer to autumn. Memorizing the names of the local flowers that you encounter in various parts of the beach will surely add colorfulness to the memory of your trip.

History Began from Blessings from the Ocean

The part of the ocean off the Kushiro Area where the cold and warm currents collide has been one of the best fishing grounds in Japan since time immemorial. The history of this area started from the rich ocean.

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