Beautiful, Pure Waterfront

Including the Kushiro River, which is one of few Class A rivers without a dam in Japan, the rivers, lakes and beautiful caldera lakes of the Kushiro Area originating from deep rich forests create unique, stunning landscapes that heals our hearts. Highly varied terrain and pure water connect the mountains with ocean while supporting diverse forms of life including fish, aquatic organisms and wild birds.

Lake Kussharo and the Kushiro River

Lake Kussharo is one of the three beautiful lakes in Kussharo Caldera, which is one of the largest calderas in the world. The lake is the source of the Kushiro River, the mother river that replenishes Kushiro Marsh, making it function as a cradle of life for diverse species. It is also where the dynamic nature in the Kushiro Area emerges from.

Lakes Akan and Mashu, Lakes of Legends and Mystery

Lakes Mashu and Akan, Tinged with Many Myths Despite being major lakes of Hokkaido, some of the mysteries of the lakes are yet to be uncovered... Deep forests continue to protect the marimo lake balls, Special Natural Monuments in Lake Akan, and the water of Lake Mashu acclaimed to be one of the clearest lakes in the world.

Wetlands and Lakes

With a countless number of rivers and spring water flowing in, wetlands are dotted with lakes of various sizes. The major ones of such lakes are Lake Toro and Lake Shirarutoro located at the lower reach of Kushiro Marsh as well as Lake Akkeshi of Bekanbeushi Marsh.

Encounters with Fish

Having pure and abundant water, the Kushiro Area is also a major fishing ground for trout in Hokkaido. The fish species in the area are diverse and include the Japanese huchen which dominate the wetlands and beautiful cherry salmon. It has become a place of admiration for many fishers.

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