Forests Where North and South Meet

Hokkaido, which includes the Kushiro Area, is located at the boundary of the temperate and subarctic zones and therefore features both northern plant species and temperate plant species. This is indicated by the mixed forests containing coniferous and broad-leaved trees. The island is covered with admirable forests with a wide variety of tree species which support diverse forms of life.

Deep Thick Forests of Akan

The forests of Akan are "mixed forests of coniferous and broad-leaved trees" where coniferous trees typical of Hokkaido such as yezo spruce, Sakhalin fir and Sakhalin spruce trees grow with broad-leaved trees such as Japanese oak, katsura trees and monarch birch trees. They are also considered to be of high academic importance.

Forest Inhabitants

The forests around the Akan-Mashu National Park area are inhabited by diverse animal species from large animals such as brown bears and yezo deer to Hokkaido red squirrels, Russian flying squirrels, black woodpeckers and ural owls.

Far East Amur Adonis and Corydalis ambigua

Far East Amur Adonis and Corydalis ambigua are the first to herald the arrival of spring in the forests of the Kushiro Area. Their lovely flowers glow with life on the bright forest floor before the trees start to grow their leaves.

Colorfulness of Forests

Mixed forests of coniferous and broad-leaved trees become distinctively beautiful in autumn. The colorful foliage of broad-leaved trees and the deep green coniferous trees blend together into various tones, creating a stunning contrast with the majestic landscape of this area.

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