Introducing the Kushiro Area

The Repository of Diverse Forms of Life.

The Kushiro area stands out as a special place even in Hokkaido, which is said to be the richest in nature in Japan.
It has deep rich forests, vast wetlands, beautiful lakes and rivers as well as the ocean that delivers various blessings.
Each of them is a repository of diverse forms of life.

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Attractions in the Kushiro Area

Fully enjoying the natural beauty of Hokkaido

Akan-Mashu National Park attracts visitors with its pristine landscape and rich natural environment created by forests, lakes and volcanoes featuring the three caldera lakes of Akan, Mashu and Kussharo, which were formed by the activities of the Chishima volcanic belt.

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Travel Destinations

For tourists in the Kushiro Area,
we have picked the information we would like to recommend for each municipality in the area.
Please check the list when creating your travel plans.

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About the four seasons

The four seasons, filled with distinctive beauty.

Lovely forests and lakes. Pure rivers.
The bountiful earth and sea, painted in the vivid colors of the four seasons.

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